Luxe Tempo Compressible Hooded Mummy Sleeping Bag Lightweight Ripstop Water Resistant for Camping Backpacking 7.5 ft Review

Luxe Tempo Compressible Hooded Mummy Sleeping Bag Lightweight Ripstop Water Resistant for Camping Backpacking 7.5 ft

  • 210T Ripstop reinforced Polyester shell is smooth,durable and water resistant;Polyester taffeta lining breathes well and creates a soft and comfortable touch
  • Filled with a blend of spiral hollow fiber and polyester fiber which retains warmth and provides loft and compressibility;Stash pocket near the top for easy storage and access to nightime essentials
  • Full length draft tubes work to seal out the coldness and keep warmth in;Anti-snag zippers work smoothly;Sleeping bags can be opened up and zipped together into double size sleeping bag if needed
  • Vaulted footbox allows natural foot movement and narrow down the excessive lateral space to snug around you root which can greatly increase thermal efficiency
  • Lightweight,3LB ;Compact and boasts great warmth-to-weight ration,3 LB can keep you warm down to 40 Dgrees Fahrenheit,perfect for camping and backpacking;Roomy enough for moving about,90 in.long,31 in.wide at shoulder area,and 19.6 in.wide footbox

Storage Tips

All the sleeping bag you receive will be rolled up neatly and tightly by the fatcory.
And the stuff sacks are perfect for the size .
Please FORGET ABOUT THE ROLLING when you try to put it back into the sack.
Just STUFF IT LITTLE BY LITTLE and it will go right in.
Fasten the compressing webbings to acheive the smellest size.
Shake it out when want to use it agian and it will go back to the original state.

Luxe Tempo outdoor was founded by a group of professional campers and backpackers who have a profound respect for divine nature and possess advanced outdoor survival skills in wilderness.
After years of practical backpacking and camping experience under different circumstances,some of which are rather demanding,Luxetempo come to realize that the right choice of camp gear and tools plays a crucial part in the quality of outdoor life.
So we have spared no effort exploring, designing and sourcing all supplies that comfortable and safe outdoor life takes,since the day we embarked on road of presenting customers the best camp gear to serve different purposes in various outdoor events and activities,at fair prices.
In order to optimize the shopping experience with Luxetempo, all the orders will be fulfilled by Amazon.

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